Kiesel Felix Martin #2 

String Setup: 16-string (8+8)

Scale: 27

Bridges: Hipshot Headless system.

Pickups: Kiesel Lithium Series 

grey victor-40

grey victor-30

felix martin kiesel9

felix martin kiesel2

felix martin kiesel3

felix martin kiesel5


felix martin kiesel1

felix martin kiesel8

grey victor-31

grey victor-33


felix martin kiesel10

Beach ride (7 of 8)

Felix Martin sus35

Felix Martin SD hedras46

Felix Martin SD hedras64

Felix Martin SD hedras62

Felix Martin sus12

Kiesel Felix Martin #1


String Setup: 16-string (8+8)

Scale: 27

Bridges: Hipshot Headless system.

Pickups: Kiesel Lithium Series 

FM-114 “The Standard”

String Setup: 14-string (7+7)

Bridges: Hipshot 7-string

Scale: 25.5” 

Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-10 Full Shred.

Body: figured and tortured black walnut.

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FM16 Skervesen (Goliath)


This is the smallest and lightest of all the guitars. It’s a 16-string headless, multi-scaled guitar. The reason we made it multi-scaled (fanned frets) was to have an instrument that felt totally different from the others, so it would inspire me to write different music; if a guitar feels different, it inspires different music. I always wanted to have a headless guitar as well, so it would be easier to travel with. We wanted to make a 16-string guitar as light and small as we could. 


Skervesen: 16-string Headless (Goliath)

String Setup: 16-string (8+8)

Scale: Multi-scaled 25.5” / 27”

Pickups: Nazgul (Bridge) SH-6 (Neck) Seymour Duncan

Neck: 15 piece.


This guitar was inspired by the Gibson 335, and “Lucille” (BB-king’s guitar). This is a crossover between a traditional jazz guitar and a rock guitar. It includes an extended scale (26.5) 8-string guitar with high-gain Seymour Duncan pickups for rock/metal, on a traditional jazz body. The result is an

unparalleled sound for distorted, percussive techniques and big, 8-finger chords. This instrument’s clean tone is very suitable for soft chords, but somehow the lowest strings are so strong that they easily get distorted, allowing me to play really heavy percussion. 



String Setup: 14-string (8+6)

Scale: 26.5”

Bridges: Hipshot.

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Sentient (Neck) + Pegasus (Bridge)



FM-5175 "Jazz/Metal"

This is a traditional jazz guitar, inspired by the famous Gibson L5, and ES- 335. We named it “Jazz Metal Guitar” because of a concept we developed that allows a traditional jazz guitar to keep it’s traditional sound, while being able to achieve huge amount of distortion for heavier sounds. The huge body provides a big, unique low end that I use mostly for 8 finger chords and really heavy percussion for heavy metal. This guitar also features the first- ever 8-string jazz pickups (SH2) made by Seymour Duncan. Out of all the guitars, this was the hardest to build. 

FM-5175 Jazz/Metal.

String Setup: 14-string (8+6)

String Setup.

Scale Length: 25.5 

Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH2 (Neck) and SH4 (Bridge)

Bridge: custom made by J.P. Laplante

FM-907 (Mastodon)


Biggest, most massive guitar of all. This guitar has the lowest notes possible, including a 9-string guitar on the lower side. We wanted to make a guitar with the most extended range possible for the technique, but that also would feel like a guitar rather than a bass. Since there is more wood on this guitar, the resonance is bigger, giving more body to the lower notes. We don’t consider this a “rock” guitar, rather than something standard for all styles. Also, the lowest string on this guitar its a 135, which is like the lowest string on a 6-string bass.


String Setup: 16-string (9+7) 

Scale: 27”

Pickups: EMG 907X 

Bridges and tuners: Hipshot.

Wood: insanely figured spalted Maple

Fingerboard Material: highly figured curly oak (VERY RARE STUFF)


This is another rock guitar, made with a body shape that allows it to be lighter, and gives it a unique “upright” position when played siting down. It is high-gain, and very dense. We used several layers of wood, to experiment with resonance from the instrument, and added a piezo pickup to make it sound acoustic when needed. 

FM-214 (Prototype)

String Setup: 14-string (7+7)

Scale Length: 25.5

Pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz (Neck) SH5 Duncan Custom (Bridge)


For this guitar, we wanted to experiment with several things. First and foremost, to make a 16-string guitar with a regular electric guitar shape that used active pickups and a 16-piece neck of several wood types. It wasn’t made to be played live, but rather, to see how a 16-string guitar with these characteristics would sound and feel. The result is a guitar with a massive sound, due to the amount of wood used. It’s mainly a rock guitar. We made


many guitars like this, some of which were not completed. 

String Setup: 16-string (8+8)

Neck: 16 Piece.

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Blackouts (Actives)

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FM14 Jumbo

First 14-string acoustic. Dual rosewood fingerboards on a massive , but thin cherry neck, adjustable neck angle, quilted mahogany back and sides, sitka top. Cool Hipshot tuners, K&K sound transducers.

String Setup: 14-string (8+6)

Neck: 16 Piece.

Scale: 27”

Tuners: Hipshot​​

Felix Martin's Zeus 8-string by Kiesel.

String Setup:8-strings​

Scale: 27”

Tuners: Hipshot​​

Other guitars:

General notes:

-If you want to buy any of this guitars, send a message using the contact section of this website.

-All guitars are exactly like a regular electric guitar, only with another set of strings above the regular fretboard. 

-Most guitars have a stereo output (one fingerboard per output)

-These are the “featured” models. There are a few more models, but they were made just for experiments, so I prefer not to put those guitars here.

-I use standard tuning on all guitars. No exceptions.

14-string guitar: 7+7 setup: BEADGBE + BEADGBE

14-string guitar: 8+6 setup: F#BEADGBE + EADGBE

16-string guitar: 8+8 setup: F#BEADGBE + F#BEADGBE

16-string guitar: 9+7 setup: C#F#BEADGBE + BEADGBE

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