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The Human Transcription:

This is a side project of mine called The Human Transcription. This is the most difficult and time consuming project I ever done, it would be amazing if you can buy the album! It won't be here for a long time!

It was something I made just for fun and to have fun of some crazy dudes featured on the album.​


The main concept of “The Human Transcription” is to extract the music that comes from spoken words, in this case, speeches in different languages and moods. In other words, to notate the natural speaking human voice into music notation, and then musicalize it.


There are nine different languages spoken in this project, each of them by a well-known character of it’s region. The characters where chosen by the type and how interesting they spoke. Examples: Slow-lyrical Italian, fast Arabic, screaming/angry German, theatrical old English accent, call and response in Swedish, very enthusiastic Korean, etc. There are no political points of view or any other aspects associated with this project other than the musical extraction of melodies from the language and mood.

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