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Billie Eilish - When the party's over (single)
Felix Martin small when the party's over



This is an arrangement of the song "When the party's over" by Billie Eilish. 

The video, the cover photo (taking by me) and in fact, what inspired me to arrange this song, is that I usually walk around Los Angeles at 3am, I find that to be relaxing. The song tittle is a bit related to this experience. 

I've been wanting to apply my style of music and guitar technique to many other genres and it has been helping me to become a better musician.


The main band style is Progressive Metal. The guitar arrangement consist of playing the original chords and melody in many different ways. Mostly tapping, but also some power chords and solos at the end. 


This arrangement features Lang Zhao on drums and Yas Numora on bass.  Mixed by Moises D'bello

felix martin Billie Eilish.jpg
Felix martin billie eilish 3.jpg
Felix martin billie eilish 2.jpg
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